These are a few of my favorite things…this week

{Many thanks for sticking with me through the changes. I’ve been working on a better format/layout for this and will changing to a new web host soon-ish}

I’m getting ready to head out on a mini vaca to the east coast. This time I’ll be back in Boston for a wedding and spending some time with friends and family. Mad props to those that have been doing this traveling circus thing for a while. I’m still getting used to the idea of flying across the country, in either direction, to visit people. It’s hard work, but someone’s gotta do it.



So before I depart, I leave you with some of my favorite things this week.

favorites 1

1- This necklace. I’m obsessed. I’m actually obsessed with the entire store. It’s locally made in Wyoming. Pretty soon my entire apartment will just have a Wyoming theme to it.

2- Farmer’s market finds. The farmer’s market season just started here in Wyoming and I’m looking forward to enjoying it for a few months. Some finds so far are local honey, fresh fish flown in from Alaska (this is not a joke. It would be nice if my parents would just start sending it to me so I could save my $25) and peaches galore.

3- These. I ate them for dinner last night. Sorry that I’m not even remotely sorry.


4- 20 things you didn’t know your iPhone can do. Because we all need to know this. I NEED to know what planes/airlines are currently flying overhead. Thanks, Siri!

5- 17 of the best bad reviews of National Park on Yelp. Yep. These are real. Idiots are everywhere.

6- This glorious floral dress in my life. It would be a fun piece to have to transition into fall with some tights and booties.


7- My new favorite blog. She lives in Jackson and I’m slightly jealous.

8- 30 outdoor travel hacks. Remembering all of these for future outdoorsy plans.

Oh. And my favorite thing of this week. This girl. I haven’t seen the love of my life since February. I’m bordering bad aunt status so I’m making a special trip to Maine to see my number one gal. I hope she remembers my face. And I really hope she tossed out that tutu.


Those are my fav’s of the week. Other than obsessing over all these things, I’ll be hanging out east coast style for a few days. I plan to enjoy some of my favorite eats and hang out with some of my favorite peoples. OH. And maybe try to get in a training run or two. But I’m making zero promises on that one.

Any current obsessions I should know about? I’m an impulse buyer so please let me know ASAP.

A summer PSA…from me, not PBS.

Even as a kid I understood that summers fly by way too fast. When school was out, I filled my days with biking to a friend’s house to enjoy time in the sun as we roamed freely around town. Where I grew up, roaming around town meant biking 2 or 3 miles to the nearest store to indulge in french fries with ranch dressing or ordering our favorite pepperoni italians from the country store (my hometown ladies know how delicious these are!) Life was good. We didn’t have a care in the world. These days, summers are a little different. Hours are not endless. They are limited due to big kid jobs.

IMG_9305(Building human pyramids in Lake George. Taking back our youth)

Summers now require planning. A shit ton of planning. When did schedules get so impossible?! I have to link up my calendar with all my friends so we can figure out best times to even call each other. It’s so bogus and so adult. I can’t stand it. My planner looks like a schizophrenic date book with scribblings on all of the pages showing where I failed to realize I double booked myself. It’s so lame and so pathetic. I want my youth back. When did a spontaneous life become impossible? Apparently, I lost it around the same time I lost the ability to drink without being hung over.

IMG_8772(the best gin cocktail I’ve ever had to pleasure to hurt from)

We’ve got about a month left of summer. But let’s hope it drags into at least September. The last two weeks have been all summer mode. Here are some snaps from my most recent summer antics and where I have been trying to take back my youth… or at least feel younger than 29.

IMG_9282(Trying to get under that shirt while crawling across a stage. Lindsay just kept giving more cowbell like a champ.)

IMG_9445(This is my first rodeo. It won’t be my last. Cowboy’s everywhere.)

IMG_9476(Pardon this picture but it’s proof I went to Tim McGraw. Not many people can pull off denim on denim.)

IMG_9490(Farmer’s market finds. That’s a pack of scallops. Wyoming knows how to farmer market up.)


Running. This deserves some talk time. Yesterday I ran 16 miles. Like it was nothing. Marathon #2 is in October and honestly training hasn’t exactly been happening. So this was big. I think I finally got my head back in the game. I loved it. That sounds absolutely insane. But I woke up at 6am with a smile on my face and I felt good. New shoes don’t hurt either. 16 MILES PEOPLE. That’s just 10 away from running a marathon.

IMG_9432(With great running comes great responsibility… to drink beer. There are so many breweries in the area, you could drown yourself in beer if you wanted to.)

Ok. That’s my summer PSA brought to you by the letter SUMMER. How’s you summer? How are you taking advantage of it? Don’t blink… because it’s gonna be over so soon. I am weeping in the corner now. Happy Sunday and get outside!



All the ways we might meet.

Hey you. Yeah you, Future Boyfriend. Or ex? I’m not sure. I wanted to give you a heads up on all the ways we might meet. You see, I’m a bit of a daydreamer. So to say I’ve been thinking a lot about you would be a total understatement. I think about you when I’m buying groceries wondering if maybe when I turn the corner our carts might slam into each other. Our eyes would meet. I’d notice you were buying kombucha, mass amounts of chocolate and probably some chia seeds or something equally as weird. You’d likely have the latest Runner’s World magazine in your cart and you are probably polishing a bag of trail mix before you even get to the counter. I finished mine 5 minutes ago.


I wasn’t joking. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I’ve never been afraid to fall in love…or lust. Which is why I’ve given our Meet Cue some thought. I hope it’s an organic meeting. Because life is just like a Rom Com right?


I’ve always had a thing for runners. I’m pretty convinced you might be an ultra marathoner. I thought it would be a good idea for me to volunteer at an ultra marathon. I saw you at mile 25. I gave you one of my famous homemade protein bars. You loved it. Because you love anything with nut butter and chocolate chips. You told me you primarily eat a vegan diet and you’ve got a thing for vegan nachos. I just died a little bit. You didn’t win the race but that’s cool. Running isn’t your life. You’re just naturally really good at it. And we’re going to run some miles together.



At the dog park.


Although I no longer am a dog owner, it doesn’t mean I won’t have one again. Because when I get my new dog that I’ve adopted, we’ll be at the dog park a lot because we’ve got to socialize. You’re a fellow mutt lover and your mutt is your new best friend. She’s the most important woman in your life (besides your mom) but you’ve got room for another one. I sat next to you on the bench. We struck up a conversation about our love of dog adoption, day drinking and really good iced coffee. Not only do we get along great, but our dogs have become fast friends. I’m thinking mutt puppies in the future.

At the airport before a flight home.


This is a long shot. What if we don’t live in the same place?! You should know I’m not opposed to long distance. I actually once read an article that said couples in long distance relationships are more likely to try harder and have better communication. You saw me, I saw you. Something clicked and here we are. Our flight is delayed, we have a beer together. You are an avid outdoors man but you hold a steady job because being a Peter Pan isn’t an option for you.  You love multi-day treks, craft beer and you make a mean burger on the grill that is ALWAYS topped with avocado. Before we know it, we’re boarding the plane. Man, we had too much fun. Lucky for me, you switched seats and sat down next to me. Me at the window and you in the aisle. Match made in travel heaven.


At the book store.


I was likely picking up another Young Adult read. You were killing time before an appointment. Or was your car getting fixed? I can’t remember but we struck up some small talk. You asked me how the book was that I was looking at. It was 50 Shades of Grey. Trust me, you’re going to be glad I threw the book over my shoulder out of embarrassment.


The Farmers Market.


This is the biggest contender. We both love fresh produce. We love over priced berries. And most importantly we both appreciate buying local. We both reached for the same box of strawberries. They were the best looking bunch to be fair. We joked. Lots of sarcasm. You asked if I wanted to grab coffee, I said yes. I am so glad I did.


Now you see I am a dreamer. But let’s be honest… you think about these things too. I’m not that crazy. I’m just a hopeless romantic. And I have no intention of changing that.

A Wyo Update is kind of overdue

Sure, sure. I’ve been posting about my life in WYO pretty often. I’ve told you about what I’m doing. Where I’m going. The friends I have. But I haven’t really said much of anything else. Am I loving it? Am I hating it? Did I already pack up and leave?


Let’s call this our virtual Champagne date, shall we?

First off- Love is a strong word. I’m not prepared to use it yet. But I can say life is good here. I’m really enjoying it. Wyoming feels like home now. You know when you’re driving somewhere and you stop thinking for 5 minutes and all of a sudden you are wondering how you got there? Yeah. It’s like that kind of home.

I’ve got great friends.



Like the kind that get weird with me and accept my total strangeness. They get me. They take me, for better or for worse. And they are a lot fun to drink beers with and bust a few dance moves with.

But you’re not traveling as much? Yeah I know. And I definitely miss that. But I also missed out on life when I was traveling so much. It gets super lonely traveling solo and having no one to share it with. I decided a while ago that I wanted to live a life. Not live a check list. So I still plan to travel a lot but trips will be well thought out and when I can afford them. Because my credit cards were bleeeeeeding for a while there.




How long do I plan to stay? I have no idea. I knew the move would be for at least a year. Maybe longer. Maybe forever. Who knows? I have a short list of things I want to do. Places I want to go. And even places I want to live. So I don’t know. But I will say that summers are here are kind of amazing. The weather is perfect. The distance to the mountains is perfect. Man… the summer nights are just perfection. Sometimes I catch myself grinning ear to ear when I’m out running at night.




Dating in Wyoming. I could compare it to any other place. Men are Men. Regardless of where you go. As always, I’m hopeful. The best is yet to come right? The only thing I’m lusting after these days is this ice cream. I mean… it’s like really good ice cream. And for now, that will have to do the trick.




So. Wyoming. It’s still a journey. One that is slowly just becoming life. I miss my friends from home but the fun part is, friends are friends. The best kind of friends are the ones that you don’t have to see or talk to all the time but when you do, it’s like no time has passed.


I’m getting on a plane in a few hours to head back east to spend a couple of days with friends on the lake. I couldn’t be more pumped. And when I get back here- it’s Cheyenne Frontier Days. It’s a pretty big deal. I’ve finally invested in the last “Wyoming Must.” Cowboy boots. And I’ll be heading to my first rodeo and learning all about Buckle Bunnies. Think Ski Bunny but the rodeo kind.



Life is good. Life is great. I’m going to just keep rolling with the punches. And keep being weird. And I don’t plan to stop lusting anytime soon.

Trying to be fearless

A long time ago I vowed to stop worrying and become semi-fearless. To be honest, we all have moments of weakness and I too give in to those moments. With them comes worry and stress. How foolish of me! Life is short right? Too short. Too short to be concerned with others and what they think. Because in reality, if you have enough time on your hands to judge and gossip about others, your life must me kind of boring.


Where am I going with this post? Trying to worry less and be fearless has led me to some pretty amazing adventures in life. (i.e. moving cross-country to a place where I knew no one.) The moment I let go of everyone else and only concentrated on myself and *trying* to be the best version of me, I suddenly felt less stressed and honestly, I found myself to be pretty awesome. Toot Toot. I just honked my own horn because when did it become a crime to love yourself? Isn’t that the ultimate goal in life? Finding absolute peace with who you are and not giving a shit what anyone else thinks about it. I make no apologies. I love me. And if you can’t find that in yourself, that totally blows. You must lead a life that you aren’t fully in love with. Make some changes or shut up. Harsh? Nah. Just honest to goodness truth.

Now I make no claims to be absolutely perfect. I struggle everyday to wake up and not hate on something about myself. I am a woman after all. Sure, I’d love to drop a few lbs and have a body like *insert current hot supermodel here*. But, today I’m just me. And that’s pretty great. I guess what I’m getting at is BE FEARLESS. And stop hating on everyone else. Put on a smile. Because when you concentrate on yourself, you’ll do something pretty unforgettable things and you’ll radiate beautifully.

Skydiving for my 28th birthday.


Biking in Burma. Alone. At sunrise.


Running a marathon. Kind of with a smile… most of the time anyways.


Hiking the Incan Trail with Maggie. After talking about it for 3 years.


Eating a hostess cupcake. Talk about living life on the edge.


Traveling solo and embracing it.


How do you do Fearless? 


You can go home again…but…

Happy Summer everyone! It’s officially here and I couldn’t be more pleased about it (It sounded like I had some serious manners there.) I’ve been doing my summer shopping rounds and purchased a few items on Asos. Cue “You’ve got mail”. Since I now live in the confines of Wyoming, it’s a little more difficult to find things when I want them so online shopping rules my world.

asoscollage.jpgLet dress season begin.

To celebrate the beginning of summer, I spent a long weekend in Boston with friends. It was glorious. I forgot how much I love that place. That’s probably why people say, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” It still felt like home. It smelt like home. It looked like home.


A few PBR’s and a BBQ with friends didn’t hurt either. I really missed those things (not the PBR’s, the friends time). I had a great time with friends and then head a fun night out at a weird bar with far more beers than I needed. My head hurt the next day. It was totally worth it.


The real reason I was home for was an even better occasion. We had a wedding to get to. It was kind of a big deal.


These two. They just crush my soul when I see them together. In the best way possible. They are two of the weirdest kids I know and it gives me hope that I’ll find my other weird half. We’ll do weird things together. Like have dance parties in the living room and probably drink PBR’s from brown paper bags. FOR FUN. I’m pretty sure that everyone else at the wedding was thinking the same thing. We were all having the same sense of hope. It will linger for at least for the next two weeks… that’s usually how weddings work. Then everyone goes back to their old tricks and games.

Being home brought me pure and utter happiness. I was elated to see friends. The smile couldn’t be wiped from my face. It also really got me thinking that you can go home again. But there are no guarantees. Time changes everything. Even you. Friendships change. Some fade. Some grow stronger. You see people in a new light. Maybe better. Maybe worse. It’s a semi-depressing thought really. But it sure got me thinking about the changes in my life. I’m happy to be in this place of being strong enough to know when to toss things out and when to really hold on to something. Whatever those things or people may be. Life is bittersweet. And that is for certain.


When you’re home enjoy it. Don’t take advantage of it. And know that you can always come back whenever you want. Especially if it’s for something really awesome. Keep awesome close.


Question: What’s your awesome? A person? A place? A home?

Yo. Yo. Yosemite.

Sometimes you gotta get some fresh air in order to get your head out of the clouds. Or maybe you just need to put your head in the clouds in order to get some clarity. Is that too deep? Meh. It makes sense to me.



After I finished a work conference in Reno, I decided to rent a car and spend a weekend in Yosemite. Just being one with nature and getting my John Muir on. (And being absolutely filthy from lack of showering and/or caring about my appearance.)


Sir Muir was on to something.


I came out of that place refreshed. It’s amazing what some clean air and waterfalls can do for you. That and drinking beers at 11am daily.



And this.


I spent some time embracing a challenge. Doesn’t exactly hurt when an adorable outdoorsy man is leading the way. On belay, baby.


Wildlife spotting.

So, Yosemite. My new favorite spot. Get there soon. Because my heart is breaking just thinking about you not being there. (Free advertising for them from anyone who visits. They clearly knew what they were doing when they designed this place.)


A Bucket List Summer

Greetings Kids! I just got back from a stellar visit to Alaska to see my parents.


(Here we are in Denali National Park enjoying some hiking)

It was pretty spectacular. I hadn’t seen them since they moved from Maine back in January. So it was nice to spend a few days with them. And also with this guy—–>

IMG_8868The one and only George. Love of my life. It was so great to see him and he was equally as happy to see me.  Let’s just say I was attacked upon arrival to my parents house at 1:30am. It’s true what they say. Dogs don’t forget their first love. Or is that about humans? Anyways, it was a killer trip. It was only 3 days but it’s good to know I can always go back when I have some time on my hands to break free from the Wyoming winds. I will say, coming back to summer in Wyoming felt pretty awesome. It’s really heating up. (Not my personal life. Just the weather.) And there’s no better time to present the

SUMMER BUCKET LIST. Summer’s were made for them. And here is a sample of mine.


Friends Bucket List- You should ALWAYS make a bucket list with friends. It’s a must in my books. Summers were made for having fun and you friends are a part of that. The above pic is one I made with my Wyo friends. We’ve got plenty of adventures on the books. I can’t even wait to hang out in every corner of the state.

Run a half-mary- With a full on my fall schedule, it would be smart to get serious about training. Seriously, I need to.


Spend some time with my east coast loves- I’m lucky that I’ll be traveling back to Boston a few times this summer so I’ll be able to spend some quality time with some of my favorite people who I’m missing pretty hard right about now. Who knows- I might even put a few friends under the dress. #kanditrademark


Crush some of nature- My plan is to be outside as much as humanely possible. This will likely include Wyo, Colorado, Montana, California, Mass and some weird places like South Dakota. Wherever the wind takes me.


Eat so much ice cream. Like I want to eat it until I almost puke. Or until my stomach hurts so badly that the cramping confines me to my bedroom for an entire afternoon. I’ll never learn.

Seattle is cool

My list also includes a million others things like – cocktails on porches, BBQ’s, outdoor concerts, beach days, jumping through sprinklers and even things like sleeping under my down comforter when it’s 90 degrees outside and I’m sweating because my place is a furnace but I love it. Homemade sauna… yum.

Lastly, I want to spend time just enjoying the longer days, sunshine and various awesome people in my life. Summer will for sure be different in this new place but so far, it’s kicking some butt. I dig it. Wide open space is awesome.


So what’s your bucket list? What are summer must? Do you have a vacation planned already? Let the sunshine in.

Running, Wyoming and Real Men

I’d like to start by saying yesterday I had the WORST run ever. And I’m pretty confident in saying that. I couldn’t get into a groove. Usually I hit mile 4 and it’s smooth sailing. Not the case. Turns out I was so dehydrated, I thought I was going to die, started seeing spots and had to cut it at 9 miles and spend the rest of the day hydrating. So no Sunday Funday for me. Just water. Coconut water. More water. Etc. So boring.


I shouldn’t complain since I had a lot of good runs last week. Last week I was lucky enough to be traveling around Wyoming breathing clean air and visiting some amazing spots. I took advantage of the travel time to run some new trails/pathways in the state. I LOVE running when I travel. It’s the best  because you can find some epic trails and running paths and everything feels fresh and new. The pic above is Jackson. Obvi. Like I would travel to my beloved Jackson and not take on their beautiful pathways. I died a little. Or a lot.


I also took part in some dancing while checking out the Teets. Dancing counts as stretching right? I thought so too.


I made a new friend. He was the official welcome committee into Cody, Wyo. Home of the east entrance into Yellowstone. Which is still covered by about 700 feet of snow. I saw nothing in the park. The snow is being super selfish and covering everything. GET OUT ALREADY.


I made it to the historical Occidental Hotel in Buffalo. Every Thursday they do a jam session with local musicians. It was pretty awesome. I highly suggest it if you’re in the area. There are cowboys and more taxidermy than one can count on their fingers and toes. But invite me when you go ok?


I finished out the work week with a glorious run on the Clear Creek trail in Buffalo. It literally takes you to the foot of the Big Horns. Again, dying. It’s hard to believe this stuff is my backyard… in relative terms. It was a good trip and it was awesome to see some of my favorite places again since Wyoming is my new home. 3 months deep and still loving it. Sorry east coast. This place is kind of bad ass. Not to mention I met a 13 year old boy who is the most Wyoming man I’ve met since I’ve been here. I’m not kidding. He hunts, fishes, skins his own animals and has a bullet lodged in his leg. He also spoke to me like no man has ever attempted to do. It  was weird and I actually hope no man ever speaks to me that way again. But kudos to the kid for being so bold. More men should be just that, men.

After this week, you better believe I’m going to enjoy some cocktails with friends. A holiday on the horizon. And summer following close behind. Come on Wyoming. I know you have it in you to quit winter once and for all. Break-up already. Everybody hates you together. It’s not working. You can do better. There are plenty of seasons in the sea. You’re too good for this. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.


I’m in need of some serious answers.

I just got back from cruising through Wyoming for a

quick work trip. I made a nice little stop at Wyoming Whiskey.


Which was all sorts of awesome. I don’t particularly enjoy whiskey. But the

place was cool and I fell in love with all things copper and wood again.


Lucky for them that they weren’t selling gin. If that were the case.. they’d be

running dry.


I will say Wyoming is growing on me. I’m getting used to never knowing

what to expect. Change of pace. Change of person. Did I just make that

up? I think I did. Put that on a T-shirt. I’m still me but with a new girl

mentality and the say yes attitude. I’m about to start singing Kelly

Clarkson’s “Stronger.” I’m going to hold off on that until I’m

done here. But I think you get where I’m going. It’s cool being somewhere

new because it’s refreshing. Everything is shiny and new and you’re

getting in the swing of things. EVERYONE likes shiny. But I am

in need of some serious answers.


1- Are there farmer’s markets?


If there are, where/when are they? I kind of need to know asap because

where else am I going to get my $100 bunch of kale and $22 tub of

hummus?! And don’t say Whole Foods. It’s my favorite but not the same

as outdoor shopping.


2- Where can I find a good pizza?!


That’s all that needs to be said. Just someone tell me where.


3- Are there any good thai/vietnamese restaurants around?


Ok- a lot of this is food related. But for me- this stuff is important. I need

a good plate of pad thai and a giant sprawl of fresh rolls.


4- When does it stop snowing here?


No really. It’s May 8th and there was snow on the ground today. I can’t.

Someone make it stop.


5- Where are all the good-looking men with dogs?


Ok. To be fair, no one looks this good. Not even Ryan Gosling looks like

Ryan Gosling (LIES). If I were a man, I’d own a dog. It is the ultimate

lady killer. So look- do the right thing. Get a dog. Mostly so I can walk it

when I feel like it but the responsibility still lies with you.

Question: Can you answer any of my questions?!