Hooray for a 100 hobbies!

6 Apr

I’ve been crushing life in Wyoming for a little over a month now.

It’s been good. It’s been an adventure. It’s been all sorts of

exciting. In this month, I’ve found my favorite things and I’ve

managed to take on about 100 new hobbies. All of which I plan

to be mediocre at. You know what else I’m mediocre at? Unpacking boxes.


Cause heaven forbid I actually unpack in a timely manner. I will say,

I’ve unpacked the important things. Like items that allow me to eat and

sleep in a comfortable manner. The rest can wait… another month or so.

I’ve just been busy with all my new favorite things. It’s a good list

if I do say so myself.


1- House of Cards.


I binged. I binged until there was nothing left but emptiness

because I now have to wait for the next season. I was watching

3 or 4 episodes… a day. Yeah. It’s that good.


2- Trail Running


I’m not the best runner. I’ve admitted this but I enjoy it. And trail running is

no exception. It’s peaceful and therapeutic for me. A connection to the

earth by way of foot. Poetic? A little bit. I’m lucky enough to live close to

some really great trails. This includes Horsetooth Reservoir and Spring Canyon

Park. Both in Fort Collins should you find yourself in the area. Both will leave

you sucking wind in this altitude.


3- The Wyoming weather


I went snowshoeing one day and trail running the next. The weather is weird

here. No doubt about it. But I dig it. There are few places where I can drive

30 minutes in either direction and do anything. The snow was perfect

in Vedauwoo one day and the trails were sweet perfection in Fort Collins the

next. What I’m saying is- You can have it all here…

weather wise anyways.


4- Brunch


You can take the girl from Boston but you can’t take brunch from the girl.

Isn’t that the saying? NO?! Ok. Well, I still love brunch. And I heard a dirty

rumor that there was an amazing place called Snooze that runs rampant

through Colorado. I heard gin and hot sauce flowed like the Nile and would

sooth even the most disturbed soul. The rumors were true and the Rocky

Mountain Mule spoke to my soul. Me and Christine indulged in sweet, savory

and booze all at once. It was some kind of heaven.


5- Small Town USA.


This is where I live. This is what it looks like on a Sunday morning at 11am.

It’s quiet. And if you pass another soul, they will say hello and ask how you

are. And guess what? They mean it. It’s such a cool community to live in

because it’s just that. A community. One where people know each other.

Take care of each other. And invest in each other. It’s a lot of fun being part

of something and being an active part of this place. Not to mention-

all the townie bars are a joy. A place that sells 1 cent beers on a Wednesday?

I’m into it.


6- New Hobbies.


Hooray for Hobbies! I enjoy trying everything and anything that’s

active. And climbing is one of those things I enjoy. I’m still scared

sometimes but I’m taking my first class in hopes to get better technique

and just get better in general so I can take my climbing outdoors this summer.

Part of the appeal of living here is the unlimited amounts of outdoor activities

you can do. So hooray for the opportunities to take climbing lessons and trying

something new. I’m no Alex Honnold butttttt I wouldn’t mind being his life

partner. And swim and/or drown in those eyes of his.




Now you know a few of my favorite things out here. I’m about to

cut the internet loose and head to the trails for some running.


Question: What new hobby are you pledging to take on this year?

The quiet moments

22 Mar

When I decided to move, I knew there would be moments

of complete and utter aloneness. It would hit me like a sack of bricks

unexpectedly. It would be present on weekends when I had my

coffee solo with no recaps of the wild night before.


Loneliness would creep up on me while I was running the

Rockies and no one was there to share the views and the humbling

experience of defeating a 5 mile run over them.


And it would most certainly find me while I was drinking a beer

in my kitchen alone and eating my 100th egg sandwich of the week

while standing over my computer watching another episode of

Portlandia. (I’ve learned to never take advantage of having furniture

again. My air mattress sprung a leak so I’m also bed less now.)


From these quiet moments I’ve learned a thing or two about myself.

I’ve learned that I’m capable of getting past the loneliness and enjoying

the moments with myself. Being alone isn’t a terrible thing. Sure, eventually I’d

love to meet someone and share the dream of dogs, claw foot bathtubs and

visiting farmers markets on our weekends (where we’d for sure use our own

fabric bags. Duh). But until then, I’m taking the moments to do all the things I like

to do. These include but are not limited to:


Getting out there. Road tripping to my hearts desire and exploring.

There’s a lot to be seen and I wanna see it all.


Eating so much creepy vegan food. It’s no secret- I love eating some creepy

eats. Vegan cuisine is a passion of mine. Some people aren’t into it.

That’s cool. I’ll do that solo. That and drink really good beer alone.

I’m not a drunk. It’s just research to find the best of the west.


Getting back into running. I used to be this crazy runner girl. I put

down those miles like I was Forrest Gump. I slacked a little over the winter

but now I’m finding my way back into it and I’m getting into trail running.

I’ve almost broken an ankle like 7 times but maybe that’s part of the thrill?


Trying to find my inner zen and green thumb. I killed Trevor on my cross

country trek so I’m hoping that Buddha will be able to spiritually

heal his soul and appearance. Anyone know how to save a Christmas



So, Yes. I am alone. Yes. There are moments when I’m lonely. But

sometimes you realize that these moments are worth it because

you are opening up for something truly great to come along.

And when it does, I’ll be ready. For the right thing. At the right

time. Preferably that truly great thing will know how to assemble

furniture and will enjoy drinking beer while standing over the kitchen

counter eating our 50th egg sandwich of the week. Let’s be realistic

who doesn’t love a good egg sandwich with frank’s, spinach and

cheese at 9pm?



There’s a new girl in these parts

16 Mar

I’m officially the “New Girl.” And not like the Zoe Deschanel kind.

I should have expected this to happen in a small town where no one knows

my name or story. I’d like to say I’m creating a really clever back story but

that would be a bold-faced lie. I’m not cool enough for that. Instead

I respond with “I’m from the east coast but always wanted to move west.”

Sometimes I peak interest and sometimes I sound just plain crazy.

I can deal with crazy. Crazy IS interesting.


Being the new girl has its up’s and down’s. The down is that I can’t

figure out how to make the internet work in my apartment so I’ve

become a coffee shop internet slut. Which is fine by me because my coffee

shop also serves french macaroons. I’m averaging one per day. The

self-control can only last so long. Maybe this is really an up?IMG_8595.

My neighbors have begun to get curious about said “New Girl.”

One of my friendly neighbors sits outside on the stoop and plays his guitar in

the sunshine barefoot while smoking a cigar. We’ll call him Al. Al

is a cool guy. If he’s awake and breathing… he’s smoking a cigar. In

fact, I’ve even seen him taking out the trash smoking that cigar.

After he shook my hand, the cigar scent stayed there for a week.

Thanks, Al.


Another Up about being a new girl? Exploring. Every inch of my

new-found territory. I feel like Lewis. Or Clark. Or maybe even Sacajwea. It’s

hard to say which one I fall into. I’m just trying to explore and keep good notes.

This place is a feast for my eyes and I don’t wanna stop indulging.

I’m lucky that my job wants me to see everything. Because I intend to.

20140309_115308The Ames Monument. Coincidence? I think not.


20140309_120311Vedauwoo. I can’t wait to get back here and stretch my legs in

the summer months. It’s a cool spot.


I’ve done more than stretch my legs. I’ve also been stretching my stomach.

I frequent Fort Collins often since it’s only about a 30 min drive

and I can’t resist the sight of the Rockies on the drive. Emotions run

high when I make that drive. And then when I get to Fort Collins, I do

my favorite things. Which include coffee from The Little Bird Bakeshop,

picking up cute apartment finds from White Balcony and I finish my time with

lunch at Tasty Harmony. It’s mostly vegan food and I am in heaven there.

It doesn’t hurt that they serve local craft beer and homemade hot sauce.

All my favorite things in one place? Cue the music and lights. I’m in love with

the best lunch I’ve ever had. (Did I just say that?!?)


Case and point. Vegan nachos and a glass of their finest stout. It was almost

better than those butterflies you get when you first meet someone you like.


A vegan wrap with grilled tofu and homemade hot sauce. Served with a

side of mashed potatoes and gravy. And hot dandelion tea with

almond milk and honey. Yeah. Are you drooling yet? Now look-

I realize I sound a bit like a dirty hippy and that’s cool with me. I like to

eat an array of things but I can promise you, meat eaters would even find

something to eat here.


All and all, I’m adjusting to this new life in this new place pretty

nicely. Everything is still exciting and fun and I’m just trying

to meet new people and find my place. I haven’t felt the emotions

that comes with being lonely yet and I hope I don’t. Because my friends

in Boston are incredible and supportive and I’m lucky to have them.

And I’m lucky to be in this new place of yes where everything seems to

fit and work. I just keep waiting for something to go wrong.

Maybe it won’t? Maybe things will keep going the right way? And

maybe, just maybe, I won’t be the “New Girl” for long.

Don’t call it a comeback.

9 Mar

Something has changed. Ok, maybe a few things did. Let’s

play a quick round of catch up. After 5 years in Boston,

I packed it up and moved on out. To….. drum roll please..


Wyoming. Yeah. It’s a bit of whirlwind so let’s start from the beginning.


After my trip in November with Lizzie, I knew I had to move. I wanted

to be in the mountains. I was longing for fresh air. I was craving an

adventure. Big Time.


I wanted to be in the middle of nature’s finest.

I just was tired of life in Boston and realized I was content living there.

Not happy. Content. Which for me, wasn’t good enough.  I started looking

at jobs in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I poked around for a while

and nothing happened. Until I got a call from the Wyoming Office of

Tourism in January. I flew out for an interview and a day later, they offered

me the job. The catch? I was giving my two weeks notice to my current job

that Monday. I had two weeks for goodbyes and packing.


After the two weeks, I flew to a conference in LA for the new gig and then back

to Wyoming to find a place to live. Luckily, I found a place in the day I had.

I flew back to Boston and packed up the rest of my stuff and said the

final goodbyes and hit the road. I was lucky enough to have Alex

on board for the co-pilot gig. You can see she loved it.


We hit the road on a Wednesday morning. Drove through Mass, New York and

Pennsylvania. It was hell. I’m not going to lie. After a stop at Niagara Falls,


where it rained ice, we made our first overnight in Cleveland. We had a nice

dinner at Cracker Barrel. That place is taking over the US. This is something

I learned on my trip.


We hit the road again and made it to Iowa this time. The roads were getting

longer. We were getting crazier and more delirious. We just wanted

it to be over. Especially when we hit Nebraska. I’m sorry if you live

there but man, driving through that state is hell on earth.


I was sleeping at the wheel. For reals.

But finally… after all that driving. We made it. We made it to

Wyo. Sweet victory was ours.


We spent Friday night relaxing and Saturday we made our way to Denver

 to have one more night together. We went to numerous

bars and had numerous drinks and before I knew it, it was time to say

goodbye. I was riding solo now.


It’s been a crazy ride but I’m really excited to start something new.

My new job is great and I’m lucky that my role it to promote

tourism in Wyoming. How easy is that?!?


It’s a big adjustment to move from a large city to the least

populated state in the US. But I’m excited about it. I’m taking up

every hobby possible and trying to meet new people. I’m lucky

the community is super welcoming and everyone is work with

is really warm and inviting.


So. I moved from my beloved east coast to give the west a

whirl. After saying for years I wanted to move, I chased

the dream. They don’t say the west is best for no reason.

So. Stay tuned. For the many adventures I’ll be having in the

wild Wyoming west.



(Lindsay L. this posted is in your honor. The blog is back on.)

New Year. Old me.

15 Jan

New year. Old me. I’m still around and kicking it.

I’ve had a couple of weeks to reflect on what my goals and wishes

are for 2014 (that still seems weird). But let’s pause for this awesome signage

I passed on my walk home.


Those are some deep words for a walk home. But totally new year appropriate.

So I’ve been thinking… can we have it all? I sure freaking hope so

because I’ve spent 28 years thinking that I could. That thought brings me to

2014 and the idea of resolutions. Do you make them? If so- do you keep them?

My 2013 resolution was all about saying yes more. And I did that. A little

too much because I didn’t make enough time for me. In 2014 I’m vowing

to be kind to myself. Treat myself better. Quit beating myself down. But more

importantly, I’m going to be following some mantra’s.


(Raphael, my lucky elephant to the rescue)


See- resolutions make you focus on negative things about yourself.

I would rather focus on all the kick ass things I do and keep trying to

love myself a little more. My life mantra for 2014 is going to be

“do things out of love, not fear.”

How often do we pick a path based on fear instead of love?

All too often. So, be fearless. Be fun. Be amazing. Be anything

you freaking want to be and go for any opportunity you want to.

Quit being scared. And if you see me and I’m not going for something

because I’m scared. slap me. I mean it. Wind up and slap me.


Being fearless in Zion.


So celebrate the New Year. Celebrate it every single day.


I’m celebrating in my favorite Hipster ways with friends.


And with Nancy as she refills my yard. Get it girl.

2013 please see yourself out.

31 Dec

2013 was good to me. It was a really eventful year. I started this year

with a bang. I went hiking in Peru with Maggie.


That trip was one for the books. And we totally crushed it.


February brought my first (maybe last?) marathon. I finished my first one

in about 4 hours and 13 minutes… in a sleet/ice/rain storm.


My opinion on running changed realllll quick once I was sidelined with an injury

back in October but I’m starting to hit the pavement again.


March/April I trekked back to Southeast Asia. Cambodia, Vietnam and my

favorite place on earth, Burma.


It was the trip of a lifetime.


May brought me back to Asia/Europe for a trip with two of my favorite dudes.

Seeing Istanbul with them was the coolest.



June I took a break from traveling to enjoy life, lust and friends. I dabbled

in dating and spent time doing summer things.


July brought more travels. I traveled to Greece with Jillian

where things got wild and we came home with more than enough

stories to tell.


I might never drink a Mythos beer again.


August and September were a blur and I again, took some time off from

traveling and spent time with friends in the great outdoors.


October I turned another year older and reflected on life and the power

of yes. Oh yeah. I also jumped from a plane to bring in my 28th

year . It was the best kind of fresh air.


That was too much fun.

I also PR’d in my second half marathon!



The rest of October and November I reflected on traveling and being thankful.

I was thankful to get some serious National Parks time out west and

rediscover the wild west with Lizzie.


And I am still thankful for all this incredible year brought me. It was a journey

to say the least but I’ve learned a lot, lusted a lot and traveled a lot. It was

kind of an epic year. I don’t even know have 2014 can top that shiz. But

I’m sure going to try.


And you better believe it’s going to include a lot more people getting

put under the dress.

(the trademark for my signature move is underway.)


So kids, I’m wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year. And I’ll

be back soon with my resolutions… or lack of them.

Get crazy!

Am I too late to give thanks?

2 Dec

Can someone tell me how it’s already December 1st? Seriously.

When did this happen? Can I get fall back… please?

I figured since it is December 1st it might be a good time

to take note of all of the things I’m thankful for.


1- I’m thankful for Movember. Gentlemen. Don’t shave that beard.

Keep it. Let that 5 o’clock shadow grow in. Better yet.. give yourself

a 10 o’clock shadow instead. Trust me. If you grow a beard, you are

fooling a lot of women into thinking you are a MAN. Not a Boy.

llbean mean(source)


2- Coffee.

Because life would be meaningless without it.


(good coffee in Vail, CO.)


3- The Great Outdoors.

I love nature. I want to have love affairs with mountains. I want

to sit for days and look at gaping holes in the ground. I’ll quit getting

emotional but you get the picture.


(Zion National Park. Takes the cake and my soul)


(The Grand Canyon at dusk.)


4- My family.

Kind of explains itself. This peach is my life.



5- Friends.

Always keeping my life light and forever keeping things

interesting. And I’m the most thankful that they let me be

me and allow my crazy flag to fly high.


6- The season of giving.

I love the holiday season. I’m the kind of girl that

is listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving (or before).

I want holiday decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. I love

that it brings out the great in people and inspires to give back to

the community and to those in need. It’s the best time of year

to volunteer and give back. Be thankful for what you have and be

thankful that you can help those in need.


7- Smiles.

I’m thankful for smiles. And my personal goal for December

is to smile more. When I see an angry and pissed off person, I’m

gonna smile. I’m going to smile so big that they have no choice but

to smile back at me. Boston isn’t known for being the friendliest, so

I’m gonna bring some light to this place.


8- Sugar. Sweets. Cakes. Chocolate. Candy

All of it. All the time. I need sugar.


(Giant bags of chocolate are pure heaven)


9- Love. And/Or lust.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. I’m thankful for the many

man crushes I have around me. I think it has a lot to do with

the abundance of beards. I’m scared to see what the world looks

like when I head into it tomorrow morning since Movember is over.



What are you thankful for this year?


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